Ancient Evidence Society

“We are Knowers”

The Founder of The Ancient Astronaut Theory, Erich von Däniken, theorizes there are three ways Ancient Evidence can be proven to prove otherworldly visitations in the ancient past:

(1) Literary: Sacred Texts, writings, scrolls, religious texts, etc.

(2) Pictorial: Cave Art, pyramid drawings, rock art, Hieroglyphics, etc.

and (3) Ancient Archaeology: Pyramids, structures, temples, astrological grounds, artifacts, etc.

The Ancient Evidence Society serves as a curated resource to push the boundaries of the Curious Mind; for all things Ancient Astronaut Theory, UFOs, Ancient Evidence, and the Paranormal.

The Ancient Evidence Society believes that Extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the distant past. These visitations helped shape Human Kind into what it is today. We believe evidence exists across the Planet Earth that clearly proves that Aliens have visited Earth.

We discuss Ancient Knowledge, Ancient Evidence/Aliens, Aliens in the Bible, eccentric thoughts, consciousness, spirituality, and so much more!

Ancient Egypt Unveiled

Unveil Ancient Kemet with Dr. Shakira!

Ancient Egypt, Egyptology, Kemetic, Kemeticism, Hieroglyphs, Astronomy, Alien Philosophy, Ancient Egyptian Magick, Metaphysical Sciences, Ancient History, Alien Technology, Sirius and Orion's Belt, The Ancient Astronaut Theory, “The gods”, The Pharaohs, and more!

The Coven

“Balance Life, Mind, Body, Soul, The Kraft, Business, and Pentacles”

About Dr. Shakira

I'm really just a goofball who raps too loud to Jay-Z and Eminem while dancing, although I wish I could dance like Shakira Shakira.

I've always had my “Eye to the sky”.

I grew up in the Christian religion with my Uncle and Grandmother. My Uncle, the Late Dr. Rev. Clifford Rhymes was a Book of Revelations slayer, End-Time Prophet, Hell, Fire, and Brimstone Preacher, who preached around the USA.

I can remember being six years old with my head in the Bible trying to understand the words and context (while reading about otherworldly activities and events), without losing the spiritual message.

On many of our road trips, I looked forward to having my Uncle all to myself so I can boldly ask him topics I knew he would disapprove of but indulge in. For 10 hours or more, we would debate the Bible and its contents while I absorbed his knowledge and he absorbed mine. I would ask him, who he thought built the pyramids. What or who did Ezekiel see? Does he believe in the paranormal? Ghost? His thoughts on Enoch? His answer would be God did it, God knows, or just…..God. He would also have a corresponding verse to go with his answer.

Alien and otherworldly stories were throughout the Bible along with spiritual knowledge, and I knew there was more to the scriptures. I went on a quest through research to uncover Ancient Evidence on Earth in regard to alien visitations and otherworldly involvement in the Human race. I became a researcher which took me down the path of philosophy, amateur Archaeology, Metaphysics, Ancient knowledge, Spirituality, Astrology, Astronomy, Cosmology, Egyptology, Ayurveda and so much more.

Through Erich von Däniken, for decades with countless others; The Ancient Astronaut Theory has been on the search for answers to questions such as, Who are we? Where did we come from? Who are these beings that visited Earth in the ancient past? Who are the modern-day Grey aliens? And many more!

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