She went to the afterlife and came back

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They both talked about the angelic figures and realized they had both seen them.

Amanda and Paul 

Phoenix, Arizona-2001 

Amanda was looking forward to having a baby as she approached 30 years old. After experiencing difficulty conceiving, they were “over the moon” with joy to finally become parents. The couple was expecting twins, a boy, and a girl. As it became more difficult for her to perform everyday activities, she was placed on bed rest in her last trimester. Furthermore, her daughter was breech, with her son positioned over her, smashing her. It was crowded in the womb for the twins, and the girl was becoming more and more immobile with each passing day. In the near future, she knew she would have to undergo a c-section to deliver her babies. This is the story of how she (Amanda) died, went to the afterlife, and came back.

Ironically, Amanda's premature labor started while it was raining in Arizona. It was not yet time for her to deliver the twins, and she wanted to keep them in as long as possible. Taking precautions, she prepared for what she believed would be a routine check-up with the OB-triage. Her aim was to look beautiful when she became a mother, so she showered, shaved, and polished her nails. However, she was expecting to be home in an hour and that the babies would be fine. Her husband Paul would also be meeting her at the hospital. 

At the Hospital

At the hospital, Paul had surgery privileges as a Podiatrist. His first observation upon arrival at the hospital was Amanda's pale, distressed appearance. In a matter of seconds, Amanda's blood oxygen levels plummeted and as a result, she began to have a seizure. In response, her eyes rolled backward and her tongue popped out. She wasn't breathing and her heart was shutting down. Suddenly, chaos broke out as Paul frantically called for a nurse. An urgent situation arose. After being wheeled into the operating room (OR), Amanda underwent an emergency C-section. In Amanda's description of the incident, it felt like a light switch flickering out and like she had crashed. At that moment she began to pass away as her heart stopped beating.


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Amanda Passes Away

Amanda recalls two angelic figures doing figure 8s above her head. She was communicating to them that she was having a hard time breathing. Despite not moving their lips, they told her that they were working on her. They asked for a moment and everything would be fine. The Anesthesiologist noticed Amanda's color was turning gray in the OR while oxygen was being administered. Providing oxygen to ventilate a patient usually works 99.9% of the time. The oxygen is usually picked up by patients instantly, but not this time. Also, the babies were dying at that time, so they needed to be delivered. It was clear that Amanda was in physical distress, but at the same time, she had a sense that the two figures above her head were there to help her. After exchanging eye contact with the figures, she relaxed. Amanda and her twins were safe under the control of the figure on the right. The angelic figures were there to guide the situation. When the medical team started shock treatment on Amanda, she wasn't responding. The doctors asked the Anesthesiologist what she wanted to do after Amanda had been dead for two minutes. “Start CPR!” She shouted. CPR was being provided to Amanda by the medical team in rotation.

As Paul stood outside the operating room door, he asked repeatedly if he could enter. As the Chaplain arrived to assist with grief, he was told he could not enter. Suddenly, Paul barged into the surgery room, beside himself. It was a very hectic scene with about 30 people running around. His eyes catch sight of two images fluttering above Amanda's bed. They were going up and down and back and forth. They were going back and forth and up and down. He has no idea what they were, he just knows for sure they were in the room with them, above Amanda's head.

30 minutes dead—-The twins were delivered via c-section and admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). There was still no heartbeat for Amanda. As the medical team rotated, they worked hard to perform CPR. There were still two figures in the room with them. In Paul's opinion, angels, ghosts, and anything paranormal was unreal. Despite this, he acknowledges that he saw the figures in the room and didn't doubt they were there.

The OR activity is below Amanda, as she rises outside of her body. Seeing herself lying there, she was less affected and concentrated on her husband instead. He told her to stay with him and their new family.

42 minutes dead——During Amanda's c-section, she was bleeding non-stop, and the doctors discussed a hysterectomy. The doctors did not want to perform a hysterectomy if the babies would not survive. In the NICU, the Anesthesiologist was able to check on the babies' status and thankfully, they were stable. They planned not to have more children, so Paul authorized the hysterectomy. Above all, Amanda continued to watch the operations. Her eyes are filled with the scene of everyone running around in a frenzied manner and bloody sponges being thrown everywhere. After a moment, she stopped, looked at her husband, and wondered if this was the last time she would see him. Despite the hysterectomy being removed, the blood loss continued. There was no textbook explanation for Amanda's medical situation. She has now been dead for over an hour as doctors continue CPR.

The Afterlife

Over 2 hours—The OR team is still doing CPR on Amanda and questioning the Anesthesiologist to see if she was ready to call the death time. The Anesthesiologist tells the staff no and to keep working on Amanda. Thereafter, Amanda arrives at a “waiting room” in the afterlife. She could sense other spirits there with her such as her niece and grandfather who passed. The afterlife was within her reach and she could feel herself getting closer and closer.

Over 3 hours–Back in the OR, on the Earth realm, Amanda still did not have a heartbeat and the death time had not been called yet. The Anesthesiologist still refused to call the death time because she could still see life in Amanda. 

In the afterlife waiting room with Amanda, the two angelic figures were still with her. They had a bright silvery-white light and it spilled over her, comforting her immensely and she fell into a deep state of peace and bliss. Meanwhile, in the OR, Paul was thinking to himself how he needed his wife and how the twins would need her too. It was then, one of the angelic figures stopped and exchanged eye contact with him to acknowledge his thoughts of that moment. The figure in charge of the mission looked at Paul and back at the other figure. 

At that moment, Amanda felt a jolt and she knew she was back in her physical body. Her heart began to beat again and she was back in the Earth realm in the OR. The EKG showed a heart rhythm beating very slowly but a heartbeat nonetheless. The doctors ordered a formal cardio ultrasound which revealed Amanda has a massive blood clot blocking her heart. The blood clot was huge like a piece of rope that went from her groin into her heart and into both chambers. No one in the medical field had seen anything like this before. 

Amanda had a successful surgery to remove the blood clot in her heart and went into a deep coma. The doctors had high hopes for her as Paul prepared to take the twins home. He laid the twins on her chest and she cried. Amanda was in an unconscious state and somehow knew her babies were on her. Over time she began to recover fully and after two months she was able to go home to be with her family. Five months after being home, she and Paul discussed that day at the hospital. They talked about the angelic figures and realized they both had seen them. They often tell the twins the story of their birth and the angelic figures. Amanda is happy and grateful that she got a beautiful glimpse of the “other side.” 

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